Argonite tile
It's hard to go wrong with a giant fire-breathing dragon…especially mighty Argonite!
Monster Info
Name Argonite
Element Fire
Rarity Ultra
Evolves From Argonair
Evolves Into None

Argonite is a Fire type monster of the Ultra rarity.

Argonite is visually represented by a gigantic molten lava dragon with demonic wings

Argonite is the final evolution of Argon


Born with

Scorch III:

Hits an enemy monster with Fire damage


Smoke Out III: 

      Blasted with Fire: May disable the target.

Ultra Hit III:

      The target is hit with a Normal-Type attack.

Can be Found

This Monster can be found on the following islands

  • Volcano Valley (Heroic)
  • Magic Meadow (Heroic)