Trunka tile
He's small now, but Trunka knows that's not gonna last for long...
Monster Info
Name Trunka
Element Ice
Rarity Epic
Evolves From None
Evolves Into Trundle

Trunka is an Ice type monster of the Epic Rarity. He is also one of the first Base Epic Ice monsters you will encounter

Trunka is visually represented by a baby elephant

Trunka can Evolve into Trundle at level 15 and Trammoth at level 30.


Born with

Ice Shards I:

Hits an enemy monster with Water damage


Hits an enemy monster with Normal damage


Icy Wind:

Chance on hit: disables target

Ice Shield:

Raises your monster's defence for 3 turns

Jump Kick:

Hits an enemy monster with Normal damage

Can be Found

This Monster can be found on the following islands