Wispis tile
Wispis the sphinx waits in the ruins of the pyramids for worthy opponents.
Monster Info
Name Wispis
Element Magic
Rarity Epic
Evolves From Gildun
Evolves Into Millin

Wispis is a Magic type monster of the Epic rarity.

Unlike most other monsters, Wispis faces away from his competitor, looking over his shoulder.

Wispis is visually represented by a golden Sphinx with white wings.

Wispis can Evolve into Millin at level 30.


Born with

Trick Attack II:

Hits an enemy monster with Magic damage


Phantom Strike:

Target is cursed for 3 turns doing Magic Damage

Power Boost:

Raises your monster's attack power and critical hit rating

Combo Hit:

Hits an enemy monster with Normal damage

Can be Found

This Monster can be found on the following islands: